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Peppermint Dream Rub and Scrub Boxed Set


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Peppermint Moisture Bar

This vitalizing bar will wake you up with a calm soothing scent. Due to the nature of handmade soaps, slight variations in color may happen from time to time. Soaps will last the longest with the use of a soap dish and drainer.

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Peppermint Dream Body Butter

Calm, cool, soothing and revitalizing all in one tube! Pairs well with Peppermint Moisture or Peppermint Pumice Piggy’s

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Peppermint Pumice Piggy’s

Our feet do so many jobs in a day. Don’t they deserve to be lovingly cared for? Pamper your piggy’s with the exhilarating scent of peppermint while smoothing those gnarly callouses. Your secret is safe with us!

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